Credit Card Declined

Jeff Montgomery -

If you tried to make a credit card purchase but you received a message about address mismatch or another error message, then your credit card transaction was declined on our side and will not be charged to your card. You might want to verify the the address on your account matches exactly with the address listed with your card company and then try your purchase again.

If there are any held charges on your account for the declined transaction, they will be dropping from your account in a few days.  If you need them removed sooner, please contact your card company to find out their process for doing so - we am happy to help in any way we can, just let us know.

If you continue to run into problems you might want to try paying through paypal.  You can now use your credit card through paypal without needing to have a paypal account.  Paypal seems to be able to accept a far wider variety of cards than we can directly.

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