Content Rules for the Infiniverse™ Exchange

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You may use all game system rules included in the “Torg Eternity – Rules Wiki,” published by Ulisses North America. The use of text or art from other official publications of any kind, except as outlined in this license, is strictly prohibited.

You have permission to use the terms Torg, Torg Eternity, Infiniverse, Possibility Wars, Storm Knight, Aysle, Cyberpapacy, Living Land, Nile Empire, Orrorsh, Pan-Pacfifica, and Tharkold in your publication. Furthermore, you have permission to use the rules of any other open license system (such as FATE, Open D6, and others, for example), or to convert systems of your own design, if doing so does not violate the guidelines of the license of your target system(s).


You may create content for the Infiniverse setting of Torg Eternity, including the base realm of Core Earth, the invading realms of Aysle, The Cyberpapacy, The Living Land, The Nile Empire, Pan-Pacifica, and Tharkold, including their originating cosms. Furthermore, you may create new and alternative cosms, realms, or history and content, including content that describes past or future events.

Permitted Media

This Community Content Agreement license grants you permission to create role-playing supplements, game world expansions, adventures, literature, reference cards, maps, and illustrations for Torg Eternity, only for publication on the INFINIVERSE EXCHANGE. This license specifically prohibits the making of video and audio productions, as well as digital games.


You may not use illustrations or graphical design elements from Ulisses North America’s publications, except for those illustrations and graphical design elements included in the INFINIVERSE EXCHANGE’s Illustrations Packs. Images used in the “Torg Eternity – Rules Wiki” are not available for use unless specifically included in an Illustration Pack.  You may use illustrations and graphical design elements from Public Domain or the DriveThruRPG stock art collection. You may also use original illustrations that you commission or create yourself. In any case, you must have permission to use the respective illustrations and graphical design elements.

Logos and Trade Dressing

The full-size INFINIVERSE EXCHANGE logo must appear on the cover of your publication and must be legible. It may not be the primary logo or the primary title artwork on your cover page. You may not use any other logos or trade dressing from Ulisses North America’s publications, except for the content provided in Ulisses North America’s INFINIVERSE EXCHANGE Illustration Packs.

Style Guidelines

We recommend that you use the INFINIVERSE EXCHANGE Template when creating your publication(s). However, you are not required to do so.

Legal Guidelines

The following text must be included in your publication next to all other legal text and copyright notes:

This product was created under license from Ulisses North America. Torg Eternity, its respective logos, as well as Torg, Torg Eternity, Infiniverse, Possibility Wars, Storm Knight, Aysle, Cyberpapacy, Living Land, Nile Empire, Orrorsh, Pan-Pacfifica, Tharkold, and their respective logos, are trademarks of Ulisses North America. The title and contents of this book are protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval systems, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without written consent from Ulisses North America.

This publication includes material that was produced by Ulisses North America and/or other authors and which is protected under applicable copyright laws. Use of such material is granted under the Community Content Agreement for the INFINIVERSE EXCHANGE.

All original content in this work is copyright [current year] by [your legal name or company name] and published under the Community Content Agreement for the INFINIVERSE EXCHANGE.


No part of your work, including any promotional material such as ads, blog posts, and press releases, may contain the following: racist, homophobic, discriminatory, or other repugnant views; overt political agendas or views; depictions or descriptions of criminal violence against children; rape or other acts of criminal perversion; or other obscene material without express written permission from Ulisses North America provided separately from this license.

Materials submitted can only be published in the INFINIVERSE EXCHANGE and nowhere else.

Illegal content is not permitted. Content creators are solely responsible for ensuring that their content does not violate any laws, including copyright, trademark, and privacy laws, and does not infringe upon any other rights.

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